Iran's Tourist Destinations

Iran is an interesting country to tourists. It is a country with old culture. Iran has many historical places and beautiful natural landscapes.

Travel to Iran - tourist destination pictures

Here we will show you some of Iran's most beautiful landscapes and places of historical interest for the people who want to Travel to Iran. These places attract many Iranian and foreign tourists every year.

Based on the worldatlas website , Iran ranks 17th in the world in terms of population numbers and 18th in the world in terms of area. The massive size of this country explains the wide variety of interesting sites, from east to west and north to south.

We will also introduce you to the world of Iranian art and life and to other points of interest to tourists. Iranian language is Persian or Farsi but there are some other local  languages. Iran's most famous historical cities are Esfahan or Isfahan , Tehran , Shiraz , Tabriz , Mash'had  , yazd . Some of it's provinces are known for their attractive natural landscapes, such as: Gilan , Mazandaran , Kordestan .Actually those are Iran's popular tourists destinations.

Iranian are mostly muslim. Old culture , meaningful music , mysterious art  and beautiful Persian literature are the main characteristics of this country.

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